Marvel Select Thor Ragnorak Action Figures

With Thor Ragnorak set to be released this November a Marvel Select action figure of Thor for the third installment was expected. What was not expected however was the creation of a Marvel select action figure of Hulk.  Yup Diamond Select surprises us again this year with not one but two new releases. After all... Continue Reading →

Injustice 2 console version

This post contains affiliate links.  ​Injustice 2 was recently released and I wrote a review on the mobile version here.  While being a spectacular mobile version of a console game including the story mode, I quickly came across some difficulties.  Due to this I decided to try out the console version to the game. This quickly eliminated many... Continue Reading →

Mortal kombat no longer a game for kids?

Mortal kombat X was filled with pretty graphic and gruesome fatalities and brutalities. The trend has seemed to continue into mortal kombat XL.  The improvement in graphics while welcomed by most can however be seen to be over the top for some.  Growing up mortal kombat was a favourite among myself and other kids. It... Continue Reading →

How to survive college on a tight budget

Wonderful treasures

What’s one problem all college students have regardless of their location, age, or the college they attend?

>>Our lack of money and never ending need for things <<

Yup I said it. I’m sure ALL of you can relate, whether you are a student yourself or are the parent of one.

The road to college success is a long and quite expensive one. From tuition fees to books to even living expenses, the journey to successful living takes quite a toll on your bank account.

Many students get part time jobs to help ends meet but sometimes even this isn’t even enough. Thankfully there are programs out that understand these predicaments and are designed to help.

I present to you : Prime Student

This is an Amazon Prime program applicable to college students. You can sign up and receive a 6 months free trial. After the trial you will…

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Marvel select Loki action figure

This post contains affiliate links  With Thor Ragnorak set to be released later this year I can't help but hope Marvel Select released a Loki action figure.  A Loki  action figure was previously released for the first Thor movie but quickly ran out of stock and the price skyrocket being only available for over $200 US dollars! To... Continue Reading →

Lady deadpool!

Wanda Wilson from earth 3010 aka lady deadpool is set to be released later this year. Yup marvel select has created the female counterpart to deadpool from an alternate  reality and it's a must have for any collector or deadpool fan! Designed based on the comics this figure stands 7 inches tall and has 16... Continue Reading →

Injustice 2 fights review

I started playing injustice 2 recently. I even did a review for it here if anyone would like to check it out and see the layout and what it's about.  Now Im gonna be quite honest. This game is SERIOUSLY HARD! It could just be that my gaming skills are worst than I thought or the developers... Continue Reading →

Marvel select star lord review

Th guardians of the galaxy wouldn't be complete without star lord. Recently I posted reviews about 3 other guardians of the galaxy action figures created by marvel select. Now I'm going to be reviewing the 4th one.  A marvel select Star Lord action figure based on the guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 movie is... Continue Reading →

Venom actor released!

Earlier it was announced that Sony was releasing a Venom movie! The excitement was high as this was a much anticipated release after 5 spider man movies! We saw the green goblin, we saw electro, we saw dr. Octopus and we even saw The lizard.  Finally we are going to get to see the symbiote... Continue Reading →

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