There’s a hero inside of all of us

Today, April 28th is national superhero day!

We all have favourite superheroes whether it’s iron man, captain America, spider, superman, Wonder woman, etc.

A long list of superheroes have been created over the years each with distinct personalities, characteristics and abilities.

We’ve looked up to these heroes, been inspired by them and sometimes wanted to be them. 

They symbolise goodness and hope in the world. Sometimes we even wish they were real and could save us.

Although these heroes may not be real I believe there’s a little bit of superhero inside of all of us. We may not have powers and abilities but that can’t stop us from doing good deeds that would make someone’s day or save them from a tragic event. Here’s my 7 tips on how to be a hero:

  1.  Say kind words to everyone you meet. You may not realise but by giving people words of encouragement you may be saving them from the worst evil of all: their inner negativity towards themselves. By giving people hope you are saving them from themselves. You may have stopped someone that wanted to end their life.
  2. Donate food and clothes to a children’s home. By doing this you would be inspiring them that there is good in the world and they would look up to you as their new heroes. Even throw in some comic books to rekindle their hope.
  3. Give food and clothes to a homeless person. By doing this you may be preparing them for a job interview or something that can better their lives.
  4. Feed a homeless animal. Animals deserved to be saved too. 
  5. Tutor kids after school. Some children need help with school work and by teaching them you would be saving them from failing. By providing them with a Strong background in subjects they would be able to handle school better and ultimately have a better life.
  6. Join environment clean up groups. Take part in beach clean ups. You would be helping our environment and providing a better, safer place for future generations. 
  7. Take part in fundraising events for the less fortunate. By helping raise money for people who need it you would be saving them from bad outcomes.

5 thoughts on “There’s a hero inside of all of us

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  1. This is cool. I like the idea that there is a hero in each of us. And the different ways we can contribute to our communities.

    Good share

    Liked by 1 person

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