Who is Savitar?

Many people have been speculating who The Flash’s Savitar might be. The mystery is finally going to be solved on the next episode of the Flash which airs on May 2nd on the CW. 

I’ve seen many theories about who Savitar might be ranging from Harrison Wells to Barry Allen himself. I, however have a different theory. I believe that Savitar might be ….. Hunter Zolomon. That’s right I truly believe it is none other than zoom himself. Now before you throw a fit and ask me if I fell on my head, here’s some of the facts that made me think this:

  •  Firstly let’s recap Zoom’s motive throughout season 2. After becoming a speedster he developed a serum to make himself become faster,however this resulted in him becoming ill. On earth one he pretended to be Jay Garrick and mentored Barry, helping him become faster so he could steal his speed. After losing to The Flash he is imprisoned in the Speed Force. 
  • Now a little on savitar: from the comics it is seen that Savitar wants to take the Speed force from other speedsters such as Wally and the Flash. When he doesn’t get what he wants he decides to destroy the Flash’s world. 
  • So as Hunter Zolomon was placed into the Speed force by Barry it’s obvious there’s some resentment there. Also, what if, and this really is just a THEORY, what if Zoom’s time remnant was the one thrown into the Speed force and the real one was out there trying to find a way to get the Speed force from the speedsters to save his dying self. 
  • In the last episode Savitar revealed himself to Killer Frost and she immediately responded by asking him what he wants her to do. We all automatically assumed it would have to be someone she is close to to jump on board so quickly. But as we have seen previously killer frost does not care for Barry or Cisco. Some have even speculated it might be Ronnie but from the look on her face I highly doubt that. She had a look of pure fear. If my dead husband was back and wanted me to do something I would’ve atleast had my evillest grin, not a look of despair. 
  • That scared face: who is killer frost/Caitlin afraid of: Hunter Zolomon. As we saw in the previous season he kidnapped her and held her captive on earth 2. Even after she was released she was still haunted by him.
  • Savitar’s suit. Could this be acting as some kind of tachyon, giving him the ability to use the speed force? 

    This is just my theory I guess we would have to wait until tonight to see who Savitar really is!


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