My thought on “Titans”

When I first heard that a live action teen titans was going to be made next year I was obviously ecstatic! Teen titans was one of my favourite cartoons growing up and I loved every single one of the characters with my favourites being starfire and robin. I’m referring to cartoon network’s first version however, I can’t handle that second one.

Just before the announcement I watched teen titans the Judas contract, which reminded me how much I loved the show! I couldn’t believe it when I heard teen titans was becoming a show similar to the flash and arrow. It was something that I always wanted but never knew I wanted, if you get what I mean. 

So without hesitation I googled what I could find on this new series and ultimately I was left feeling disappointed already. I know it’s early for disappointments but believe me, I felt it. 

Firstly the name, Titans, not teen titans. I know this is kinda petty but it got to me. The synopsis shows that Dick Grayson  will be the leader of many heroes. Whether Dick will be as Robin or Nightwing is still yet to be revealved but given the pattern of the last few teen titans movie I’m assuming he may be Nightwing. 

Maybe I’m more upset by it because I was hoping they would be following the cartoon tv series, but I’m still excited and who knows maybe these changes could be good and the show would be successful. It’s all we can hope for. 


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