Injustice 2 mobile review

Injustice 2 has finally been released! After months of waiting it’s finally out! Last week I was able to download the mobile version from the playstore. As an early bird initiative I was given a free catwoman card. Believe me when I say this game is nothing like the first one. From the layout to the options to play, it’s a whole different experience. 

Daily objectives

Firstly the currency: there’s credits, gems, Sims, arena rewards.
The credits are used to purchase a basic chest. So far from that chest I’ve mostly received energy and xp capsule. 4000 credits per chest. These can be obtained from completely daily objectives, achievements, winning fights or operations.

Gems are used to buy hero chests. 150 gems per chest. I’ve tried my luck at it twice and I’ve received swamp thing on both attempts. These can be collected from daily objectives, achievements or operations.

Basic chest reward

Sims are used to speed up previously won boss fights. These can be won from winning fights.
Arena rewards are used to purchase items in the arena store. These can be collected from arena weekly rewards. 
The game begins with Batman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn as your first three players. 

First the campaign is open to play. This consists of chapters with various battles and bosses.

Campaign mode

Next, the story mode opens up! Now This is where things get interesting! It’s like playing on the console! 

Story mode

It begin with an actual story taking you to the scene of the fight where you take over control and battle the enemy with the players you are given.
Challenge mode isnt unlocked until level 10. I haven’t been able to make it so far.

The arena then opens up. Similar to injustice, this involves battling online with various opponents to gain points and increase your ranking. Your rank gives you two rewards, a daily coin reward and a weekly gem and “arena” rewards. These arena rewards are used to purchase shards in the arena store or upgrades.

Arena rewards

Operations: characters that aren’t assigned to the team can be sent on operations to level up, receive credits or gems. I suggest you upgrade the operations as much as possible as it increases your chances at receiving these rewards. Gems are a much valuable resource for getting chests.

Upgraded operations

The resources section. Here players can fight opponents to gain xp capsules to level up players. Each day has xp  capsules for different types of cards. 
Overall it’s a wonderful game and definately worth the wait!happy gaming!

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