Marvel select star lord review

Th guardians of the galaxy wouldn’t be complete without star lord. Recently I posted reviews about 3 other guardians of the galaxy action figures created by marvel select. Now I’m going to be reviewing the 4th one. 

A marvel select Star Lord action figure based on the guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 movie is set to be released later this year however marvel selecr surprised us earlier with a Star Lord action figure based on the comics. 

Marvel Star-Lord Action Figure – Guardians of the Galaxy – Marvel Select – 7 Inch

Released along with GamoraGroot and Drax this action figure completed the collector’s edition set. Standing at 7″ tall this action figure comes with a base stand that interlocks with those of the 3 other figures to create a complete environment. 

Although highly detailed and wonderfully designed it does present some flaws. Firstly the joints on this figure seems loose. Anyone who has any of the older figures will realize the quality of the action figures has seemed to declined over the years in this aspect. With regard to the joints being loose and not stiff as before it makes for a star lord that tilts over if not proped up against something for support.

Other than that it’s a wonderful figure and a must have for any guardians of the galaxy fans or marvel select collector!

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