Injustice 2 fights review

I started playing injustice 2 recently. I even did a review for it here if anyone would like to check it out and see the layout and what it’s about. 

Now Im gonna be quite honest. This game is SERIOUSLY HARD! It could just be that my gaming skills are worst than I thought or the developers really intended on people taking forever to complete  the game. 

So far after what has been about 2 weeks I’m still stuck on the Batman challenge is campaign mode. Which is like the FOURTH stage! As for story mode I can’t get passed stage 3: Batman vs. Robin.  In campaign mode I still have the option of levelling up my players to make them stronger and hopefully passing that stage at some point but as for the story mode the Batman we get is as good as it comes. There’s no way to modify his stats. Also as the mobile version has no option to change the difficulty settings I may be stucked there for a long time.

What do you all think? Is it too hard or is it just fine? Also does anyone have any tips to get passed those stages?


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