Thor Ragnorak synopsis 

Marvel has released a synopsis for the upcoming Thor Ragnorak movie! Thor’s world is about to explode in Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok. His devious brother, Loki, has taken over Asgard, the powerful Hela has emerged to steal the throne for herself and Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe. To escape captivity and save his... Continue Reading →

Injustice 2 mobile review

Injustice 2 has finally been released! After months of waiting it's finally out! Last week I was able to download the mobile version from the playstore. As an early bird initiative I was given a free catwoman card. Believe me when I say this game is nothing like the first one. From the layout to the options... Continue Reading →

Deadpool animated series

Yup the title says it all! An adult deadpool animated series is set to be released in 2018! Given that it's aimed at adults, it's seems as though we will be seeing the "don't really care" deadpool that we all know and love from the comics!  Needless to say, this may be nothing like Titans, also... Continue Reading →

Young Justice Returns With a 3rd season!

Young Justice Season 3 is set to be released in 2018! The animated tv series  which premiered in 2010 is finally going to be getting it's 3rd season after 4 whole years of waiting ! Season 2 ended with kid flash dying. Hopefully the show would pick up from that point giving viewers some much... Continue Reading →

My thought on “Titans”

When I first heard that a live action teen titans was going to be made next year I was obviously ecstatic! Teen titans was one of my favourite cartoons growing up and I loved every single one of the characters with my favourites being starfire and robin. I'm referring to cartoon network's first version however,... Continue Reading →

Who is Savitar?

Many people have been speculating who The Flash's Savitar might be. The mystery is finally going to be solved on the next episode of the Flash which airs on May 2nd on the CW.  I've seen many theories about who Savitar might be ranging from Harrison Wells to Barry Allen himself. I, however have a... Continue Reading →

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